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CERT Elections 2015

Elections were held on Tuesday Jan. 20, 2015.
Mike Blue was elected Vice President, Toni Amaya was re-elected as Secretary and Randy Olson was re-elected as Treasurer.
Mason Stover now moves from Vice President to President,
Ernie McClain goes from President to a 3 year term on the Board of Directors.

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Animals & Pets

FEMA: Information for Pet Owners
American Veterinary Medical Association - has a lot of information on pets in disasters along with a window and wallet card, an individual pet record, and a family pet disaster plan.

Disaster Psychology

FEMA: Helping Children Cope with Disaster
American Red Cross: How Do I Deal With My Feelings?

Emergency Response Guidebook

2012 Emergency Response Guidebook (PDF)

How to use the ERG (Video)


Field Report - Word Format
Field Report
- Word Form Format
Damage Assessment Incident Status Report

Excusal From Training Form

Local Emergency Operations Plans (LEOP)

Banner County LEOP
Scotts Bluff County LEOP

Nebraska Local Emergency Operations Plans Links


Damage Assessment Maps

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services Interactive Web Map

Mission Manager - Maps

Preparedness - Emergency preparedness guidance from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
FEMA & The American Red Cross: Preparing for Disaster
Safety - Safety Maps is a free online tool that helps you plan for this situation. You can use it to choose a safe meeting place, print a customized map that specifies where it is, and share this map with your loved ones.  You can choose to print Safety Maps in wallet, desk or refrigerator sizes.
Preparing for Disaster - People with Disabilities and Other Special Need FEMA Guide (New 3/17/2010)
Assistance for People With Disabilities PowerPoint Presentation by Betsy Skelcher from 3/17/2010 Monthly Training
Can I Help - Sign Language pamphlet presented by Sara Peterson
Disaster Supplies Calendar - From  This is a great resource to build your emergency kit over a time period.  This helps keeps with not having an initial major cost of building the kit.
Emergency Preparedness Check List - From  FEMA and The American Red Cross guide for emergency preparedness and a basic Emergency Plan.
Family Disaster Plan - From California Volunteers and We Prepare.  One of the BEST Family disaster plans.  Comes with wallet cards, along with letters that can be sent to your out-of-state contacts, and your family.  Scotts Bluff County CERT is in the process of builiding a similar one, without the California references so it may be used across the country.   

Scotts Bluff County CERT

Scotts Bluff County CERT Tri-Fold Card
Scotts Bluff County CERT Recommended Backpack Contents
Scotts Bluff County CERT Trailer Inventory

Other Resources

Spanish Phrases to use in a Disaster (New 1/19/2010)

Mission Manger Software


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